Future of CHESS ~ How can it be better?

After the launch of the ETH Fund, the number of deposited ETHs increased, but the number of deposited BTCs decreased. As a result, Tranches’ TVL hardly increased.
Even if the BNB Fund launch proposal is passed, I hope that discussions on increasing TVL will precede its launch.
Existing BTC/ETH holders should be prevented from leaving.

Increase demand for the governance token CHESS increasing rebate % from 50 to 65-70%.

Since the reduction in rebates there’s no incentive to hold or lock CHESS. Sure locking will boost QBR but not everyone uses QBR.

There’s a huge opportunity cost locking CHESS. Rebates decrease and you’re subject to your principal also decreasing.

I’ve seen the benefits of Tranchess first hand, and I am willing to promote it to my friends for sure.

One thing that resonates with me is that Tranchess is cheap because the BNB GAS price is cheap. Many people, like daily wage earners, students, and “us” common people can finally have a product that they can afford and have financial freedom from. A product that is stable, with a proven financial model that works.

Tranchess is our killer app. Other chains have also their killer apps as well, like OlympusDAO, Tokemak, Abracadabra, FODL, but those apps are for the ultra-rich, who can pay 10k USD worth of GAS on a daily basis. Many of us cannot afford that, many of us sacrifice things in order to invest.

I think Tranchess needs endorsements from people who actually use it.
By promoting Tranchess, it increases the demand for CHESS, thus increasing its APY.

Difficult to compare to OHM given the discrepancy in APY. I suppose Tranchess is considered"safe" conservative because if that. Imo until CHESS token itself has demand incentive it’ll xontiyti be a “whale” only coin.
Why would someone stake 10k at 25% apy when they can easily get 5-20k apy elsewhere

Grab the opportunity to buy the dip and add more CHESS to your portfolio.

Market crashes are normal with high volatility markets, it only means that it’s time to up our investments.

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I have a new product suggestion for Tranchess team. I understand that the current Tranche product is not complete. There are other tokens and chains to expand to. So this is probably a long term suggestion. Here it goes:

I noticed that Ribbon Finance and similar products are getting a lot of traction. I am not aware of similar products on BSC. (I know of one project on Solana that is similar.)

In 25 words or less, Ribbon helps users execute a covered call or fully collateralized put option strategy on prominent coins to generate yield. I think the Tranchess team is very well suited to build this structured product on BSC.

I personally would be very interested in using this product should they choose to implement it.

Does anybody know the Tranchess treasury addresses where we can track the BTC, ETH (and soon BNB) the treasury has?

For what it is worth, I found these two addresses but I am not sure if they are the correct ones:

BTC: 0x19Ca3baAEAf37b857026dfEd3A0Ba63987A1008D
ETH: 0x57C8041C6Aa3440843b5E48B16016A95F822195f

(Sorry, I don’t have the privilege to include links to my posts so I just posted addresses.)
Kind Regards,


I used Google Translate to read what he wrote.

He claims that a part of the treasury is used to buy and burn chess.

Is what czecco wrote true? Or is this just a case of incorrect translation?

How it can be better.

  1. Make staking CHESS as attractive to new users as possible. CHESS is the token see on the coin aggregation sites like Coingecko (not ROOK, BISHOP or QUEEN).

  2. Add new tokens more frequently. This will drive up the TVL and bring in new users. Since they will likely want a say in CHESS governance they will buy and stake CHESS to ensure their voice is heard. New tokens should be put to a governance vote. Not just “shall we list ____?” Yes or No.

  3. Increase the rebate kickback to CHESS stakers. I can’t stress enough how vital it is to make CHESS the focus of Tranchess as it is what makes them curious about the project.

  4. Get a new market maker on Binance. Awful. Also, press CZ to put CHESS in the main sector, not in the experimental section or whatever.

  5. Get on more CEXs. Huobi, Kucoin, etc. Top tier ones, no fake volume, wash trading sites.

  6. Marketing. Have a marketing campaign. Get the founder to do interviews. Make advertisements. Tweet more. Engage the current community and attract new blood.

I could go on but that will do for now. lol

Hey Cryptofrog,
I agree that CHESS is the face of the Tranchess platform, and thus, we should try and make it attractive for new users! This can be done in various ways, increasing the % rebate is definitely one of them. (as I suggested in another topic).
However, I doubt CZ can be “pushed” into anything. If we want to move out of the innovation zone,
we need to show that Tranchess belongs up there with the big guys. Which is why your point 5 and 6 are so very important. Marketing and engagement.

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By the way, I am sure you noticed that the BNB launch has been underwhelming, to say the least. As of now there are 4427 BNB coins in the fund. Each new fund accumulates less value. So I am not sure if adding more funds is a solution.

The abundance of derivative markets makes it very easy to go long/short any asset. I worry that this makes the core tranchess product much less appealing.

Yes, I really don’t understand the distinct lack of marketing. It is quite bizarre.

Update: 3 days later it is at 76000 BNB.

Indeed the increase is encouraging. However, the TVL for three funds are roughly as the following:


I don’t think this is the pattern we want to see.

I think there is nothing wrong with those numbers when you compare them with the market cap.
One could actually say that BNB is doing better than the ETH fund…

Update: 5 days layer it is at nearly 100k BNB.

I seem to be unable to start a new thread or a proposal, but is there interest in creating a proposal to increase the CHESS rebate to either 75% or the appropriate value of 100%? This will increase the return and thus value of the CHESS token, thus the overall market cap of the protocol to increase interest in the protocol.

You will have to level up to trust level 2 to start a new thread.

Do take a look here: A Simple Beginner's Guide on How to Use the Forum

150k BNB deposited as of now!

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